Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In Class Writing Exercise

I know you said we could reproduce this in a blog if we wanted to, so here it goes, if for nothing else but to prove that I was participating in class. This may not be as personal or juicy as you were looking for, but it was what happened to be on my mind before class, so its what I wrote about.

I went to the Clemson basketball game last night against Georgia Tech. It was a real stress reliever to be doing something different and enjoyable that is still related to school besides homework and studying. The last three weeks have been rough with all the tests and projects and homework I've had to turn in, so to get away from it all was nice.

The game was the final home game of the year, and I'm ashamed to admit that it was my first this season. Normally I go to several, but this year has been different for some reason. It was senior night, and so we bid farewell to the beast that is Trevor Booker and his sidekick David Potter, the winningest duo/senior class in Clemson University history. OP has done a great job rebuilding our program, but I am ready for us to hit that next level. That level would be to win some NCAA tournament games, maybe challenge for an ACC championship. Regular season crowns are tough, and it'll probably be a few years before we get there, but we have to been to the ACC championship game before. I think we could do it again. As far as the NCAA tournament goes, I don't think an opening round victory is too much to ask for. All it would mean is that we did what we were supposed to do. We've had that opportunity the past two years but we've been upset both times. We'll get that opportunity again in a few weeks. I hope we get it right this time...

It doesn't seem like much once it has all been typed out, but I was writing pretty much nonstop. If you can't tell from this, I'm a big time Clemson sports fan and I think about it a lot.

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